Saturday, October 23, 2010

Built to Spill Epic two night show in Austin, complete with badass Poster

The first night of Built to Spill's rollicking indie stomp through Austin is behind us. It was a fantastic display of Martsch and company's ability to rock like the day the released "There's Nothing Wrong with Love" almost 2 decades ago. The 2 hour set was packed with old and new favorites including Carry the Zero off "Keep it Like a Secret", which this 3-time BTS audience member has never heard performed live. It was as just as bittersweet as the day I heard it in 1999.

Their set lasted well into 1am and included a two song solo set off Martsch independent release "Now you Know". Rounding out the evening was a 3 song encore utilizing the seemingly endless sonic guitar frenzy that is
Conventional Wisdom to say farewell on night one. And to top it off our shop designed and silkscreened a limited edition print to commemorate this two-night Emo's event. There was 109 printed, so grab one while they last. Each print is signed and numbered by the designer. Come for the music, leave with a badass limited edition print.