Friday, January 22, 2010

Workshops For February

These are the Workshops that we have planed for February. The Start to finish workshop will take you through all the steps for printing. We will cover every thing for A to Z. This is a great workshop for people that want to start screen printing and we will teach you all the steps. For this class everyone should bring there own design to print or stop by before class in order to get a design ready for print. You will walk away with your own custom design shirt and with all the knowledge need to start printing.

The next workshop planed is candy colors. Which will feature a 4 color screen print in which humans will vote for what color to print for each screen. We will provide candy to simulate your minds and everyone will leave with a shirt. All colors will be made fresh by using CMKY to provide our color matches. We will show how to set up a four color print and everyone will get a turn printing out the design.

The final workshop we have is a experimental workshop that will showcase what humans can do when we work together. Poster Collective is more advanced workshop that aims at forming a poster design around a collective concept. We will take you through the different options of how to form a designs in order to get to a final output for a poster. Day 1 will focus on design and day two will aim at printing/alignment of different color layers. Everyone will leave with a fresh print and knowledge of poster print/design.

Class sizes are very limited, so sign up now. We are looking forward to spreading knowledge because ultimately knowledge is power.

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