Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Akron and Family

Akron and Family are playing with Warpaint tonight at The Parish in Austin, Texas. This is for sure to be a show of hotness and chanting. The posters have been made and this sweet screen printed poster will be for sale tonight.

Let start with color one a green the means earth. This is the first color we printed down on fine french paper. These posters were printed all by hand with fine water base flat inks that have no gloss.

The next color we printed was that sweet purp and we used all 230 meshed screens to do these screen printed poster prints.

The next color we put down was a fat light blue making more goodness. Each color adds more the this poster.

Orange was the last color we printed on this poster before the outlines of black and we have the final sweet eye candy product for the show this night.

There are so many colors in these prints. This poster art was done all by hand by Michael Fuchs. First I started with a pencil drawing that was than transferred into photoshop and layers were created for the fills. All of the art was bought on by Akron and Family's music that is color to the ears and the eyes. So strap one of these posters to you wall and let the portals open up.

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