Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Edward Sharpe posters

Tonight, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is coming to Austin. Their show at La Zona Rosa with We Are Eachother featuring Aaron Embry is slated to go down at 8pm.

In support of Austin Screen printing, Mr. Sharpe and his troubadour of musicians commissioned us to create a custom gig poster just for this very special show. If you have heard of the band (chances are you have with their single "Home" consistently circulating on 101X) you will be familiar with the spirit of this design, taking note from their top single. Their music reminds me of a mash-up between Devendra Banhart and Architecture in Helsinki. It has definite folk influence with a nice side of psychedelic pop.

It's a three color print, with a rather lovely transparent red laid down at the very end. It started as a photograph and a texture, and you might recognize the handsome devil standing there in red. It is a photo of Under Pressure co-owner and designer Sam Ladach-Bark. That vain bastard!

If you were lucky enough to snag tickets to this sold out show swing by the merch booth and snag one of these limited edition prints. There are only 70 in existence. If you can't make it to the show, but are an Edward Sharpe fan, swing by the shop later this week. Any leftover prints will be sold first come first serve.

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  1. You don't happen to know where I could get one of these still do you?