Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kittens for Best Coast

We recently made friends with the indie group Best Coast during Fun Fun Fun Fest. Courtesy of our newest intern Jonathan Hubbell and his girlfriend's Mom we made contact and showed them some designs for a Fun Fun Fun Fest screenprinted gig poster. In case you are unfamiliar, their sweet indie pop styling emerged earlier this year with debut release "Crazy For You". They have since been hitting the road hard and were one of the featured bands at this year's FFF Fest.

The poster design, a collaboration of Jonathan and owner Sam, features two creepy kittens who apparently have eyes for no one other than Best Coast. If you missed the merch table after the show you can buy one at our etsy shop here.

The lead singer Bethany is certainly keen on felines and our creepy kitten design had her smitten, so much so that they wanted the same design on some shirts. We ran off a small run for Holiday sales and will be doing a much larger quantity for their upcoming 2011 tour with Wavves. I'm sure they will be passing through Austin early next year, so if you like what you see be sure to check them out when they pass through to snag one of these little kitties.


  1. Hi there!
    It's been a long time looking for such a nice Best Coast design and I really need it! I live in Spain and I cannot get from them in the tour. Please let me know how to get it from you!
    Best regards!

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