Saturday, March 13, 2010

Live printing at Swanky SXSW Ustream Party

Last night the U.P. crew was screen printing live in downtown Austin for an official SXSW interactive party. Ustream, an online community of self proclaimed Speilbergs, hosted a gala of an event at Pheonix Bar on 4th and colorado. I hope this bar can hold steady in that location; it was straight up swanky. Modern wrap sofas, digital multi-colored flouyrescent ligh accents and wonderfully tacky fake crystal chandeliers. I have to admit, we felt quite spoiled being a part of this event.

As with any live printing endeavor, when the shirts are free the crowd turns into a veritable feeding frenzy. We pre-printed 300+ shirts and live printed close to 200. Every last one was taken. Early in the night people were able to pick their design and color, but as the crowd grew and loomed around us we just started shirt slingin' left and right literally throwing shirts across the room to people.

Closing out the night, Gym class heroes played an energetic set fervently trying to get a mostly-male crowd of interactive geeks to shake it. We might have been the only people dancing.

Shirt slingin' and dancing: that's an ok combination by me.


  1. How the crap did you print waterbase live like that, did you bring a small dryer or heatpress them to set?

  2. We used a flash dryer that pulls a limited volt and dried them to order.