Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lotus Tour Poster YES!!!!!

The Lotus posters are done and after three screen printing sessions at our South Austin print shop they shipped out today. This great design was done by Johnny Dimas, an up and coming designer who exemplifies cool and clean design work.He loves how he can turn a digital design into a tangible piece of artwork through screen printing.

The first color we put down filled the paper almost edge to edge with peacock blue. We printed this first layer in just under 5 hours, and whether our heads were playing tricks on us or not the paper seemed to grow in size in weight with every new screen print.

The second layer we printed was reminiscent of French wallpaper. Upon inquiry not even Johnny was sure where he found this vintage pattern, but who the hell cares, it looked pretty badass. You can't copyright vintage wallpaper patterns can you?

The last layer was the brown and it went off with out a hitch. This added much needed completeness to the poster, bringing the whole design together. Lotus will be coming to Austin on Friday April 23rd at Emo's and if you want jam this is the place to be on that day. With that said back to work and more prints to come in the next day. Hopefully all of these posters don't sell out in Colorado.

-U.P. crew

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