Thursday, August 5, 2010

August workshops, sign up now!

We have more workshop goodness coming up in August. Of course as always we have our beginner class, but we are also bringing back the poster printing class, and have added a brand new class that explains the process of discharge printing.

If you have ever been interested in screen printing, or just looking to pick up a new hobby these classes are tailored to lay down some serious knowledge. The beginner class is designed for anybody that has little to no screen printing experience. We will show you how we take a graphic from the computer and burn it into a screen. We will also go over screen meshing, emulsion coating, screen reclaiming and of course printing. This class runs about 2 hours long and everyone will leave with a shirt of their choice printed by their own hands. Our next beginner class is being held August 13th from 2-4pm.

Our next class brings our love of screen printing to a different format. The poster collective class will show you how we create custom gig posters for touring bands and fine art prints. I love poster printing, and anybody who is digital artist will appreciate the ability to bring their vector graphics to life in tangible form via screenprinting. This class will be held August 21st from 2-4pm.

Our last class available is a new class that talks about a very interesting alternative apparel printing process called discharge printing. It uses a chemical agent to dye the garment instead of print ink on it. I know that description sounds a bit cryptic, but just image that instead of ink on top of the t shirt you have dyed fabric instead, leaving no feeling of ink on the shirt. The dye goes on clear and is heat activated. Watching the print come to life in front of you under a flash dryer is thrilling experience. You just have to come sit in on the class to truly understand and appreciate this cutting edge process. This class will be held August 31st from 2-4pm.

Every class costs $50 to attend and participants will go home with a t shirt or a poster print as part of their workshop fees. Classes fill up fast and can be reserved ahead of time with a $25 deposit.

Let us lay some knowledge on you. Call 512-445-3488 to sign up.

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