Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Smells like Nostalgia!!!

Titus Andronicus sounds like nostalgia and this poster smells like it. Titus Andronicus will be play at Emos tomorrow on the 1st of September with YellowFever and Whitman. This poster is a 4-color print that was printed by hand by Michael Fuchs. This poster is a 55 limited print edition on fine Cougar 100lbs cover. This print showcases some fine half toning and textures. The idea behind this print is to show how war removes one self from the real picture of war and replaces it with good times. Often the real scene of war is not even pictures as pilots pull a lever to drop bombs not realize what is happening below.

So come and check Titus Andronicus out because you will see how there music makes sense of this.

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