Monday, August 2, 2010

Colors and Colors and???

Under Pressure Screen Printing has been planning and producing for a up coming art show near the end of September. This piece was done in 4 days with 11 colors being printed on some fine 100% cotton paper. The original piece was a water color painted by Michael Fuchs and than taken and turned into a 11 color print.
All prints are still printed 100% by hand to preserve the hand feeling of screen printing. So enjoy the colors and take a adventure through a color portal making what you want out of it.
This art print was produced in Austin, Texas at Under Pressure Screen Printing. There is only 23 prints available and all prints will go on sale at the end of September. So those that want will have to wait. Under Pressure is planning on releasing around 20 art prints in late September with various artist and future details will be released this month .

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  1. That looks sick man, hypnotoad beware! Nice job.